About Wealth Creation Network

Wealth Creation Network (WCN) is a multi-disciplinary holdings company founded by a group of young black professionals (100% Black owned), who collectively save money to raise the capital required to attain tangible money generating assets.

Our Property Crowdfunding division has gained great momentum over the last two years making us realise that we have more to offer to our loyal members. Our second division, a Co-operative Financial Institute, is in its initial phases undergoing application and registration process.   The plan is to grow and diversify our assets and provide a range of services required across all divisions. This will ensure self-reliance and ownership of the entire value chain, which is the core value of the entity. This will guarantee money generated within the WCN Group remains within while promoting self-employment and the empowerment of our members.

WCN is a registered company at the CIPC, with company name: Wealth Creation Network, and Registration Number: 2017/298336/07. WCN was founded in January 2017 and to date has over 30 active members who have collectively raised over half a million Rands.

The inspiration of the WCN concept came about while the founders Mr. Raboshaga and Mr. Rakereng were in South Korea. In their two years of residing in the country, the founders realized that S. Koreans believe in self-reliance and try by all means to in-source all services and products the country needs and/or wants. As a result, South Koreans possess their own credible but more affordable counterpart brands; while the USA has Apple, they have Samsung, while Germany has Audi and Mercedes Benz, they have Hyundai and KIA.

They were also inspired by other groups of like-minded South Africans who started out by collectively saving money and now own successful businesses and/or cooperatives. Proven formulas exist. What is required is dedication, determination, hard work and patience and there is no doubt that WCN members possess all of these attributes

WCN founders believe that previously disadvantaged people should stop fighting for inclusion but instead build our own empires for our children to inherit. Black privilege starts with us. It is possible!