Kaya Bizz Property Investment Talk with the WCN CEO Mr. Raboshaga, a property expert

Buying your first home is a big deal. What they don’t tell you is that, there are countless hidden costs and factors involved that can be quite daunting. Kaya Bizz did a 4 part series during youth month 2019, Mondays 17:45, with Gugulethu  Mfuphi  and Nthato Raboshaga, (Property expert) to help you on your way to becoming a proud home owner.

In the first episode our property expert discussed the top tips for first time home buyers as well as important things to know before looking into buying or selling a property. He also touched on the hidden cost involved into buying a property and what the estate agent wouldn’t normally disclose and the questions you need to ask the estate agent when viewing a property for the first time. You can listen to the full talk on the podcast below.

https://iono.fm/e/709484 Kaya Bizz Property Series: Part 1 (03 June 2019

The third part of the series on Kaya Bizz with Gugulethu Mfuphi, our property expert covered property investment strategies. Unpacking key concepts such as: your primary residence is not an asset, if it doesn’t make you money, it is a liability; Investment strategies such as gearing and OPM (property stokvels), an ever-increasing popular concept worldwide; rental income ring fencing for maximum tax benefits and the SARS benefits for rental property owners. Listen to the full discussion on the podcast below.

Link: https://iono.fm/e/709543: Kaya Bizz Property Series: Part 3 (17 June 2019)

The final part of the series focused on the property market in South Africa and factors that influence it. Exploring how external political and economic factors trickle down to your home value. Our property expert talked about the top properties to look out for in Johannesburg, considering it is a “buyers’ market”. What does it mean when property experts say it is the buyers or sellers’ market? Lastly, the important tips for aspiring buy-to-let home owners as well as the hidden costs of selling your property. This full talk is available on the podcast below.

Link: https://iono.fm/e/709917: Kaya Bizz Property Series: Part 4 (24 June 2019)


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